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Romanian, which diferent times throughout historyhas been knwn as Daco Romanian and Roumanian is a member of the Romance Languages that is derived from Latin and includes French and Spanish. The official language pf Romania, Moldova, Serbia and the European Union, the Romanian language is spoken by almost 28 million people worldwide. Romanian, as a language, finds its roots when the Roman conquered Dacia the second century abd is where the Daco Romanian name is derived. Though Romanian drew almost no influence from the other Romance languages until the 19th century because of its geographical isolation, it is sill considered by many to be the first true Romance language. Today Romanian is the primary language in both Romania and the Republic of Molova and is a common language in at least 15 other nations, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Russia and many North and South American countries. If you speak Romanian, WorldTVRadio Tuner is your online source for quality television programming that speaks your language. We offer a variety of great stations for any interest. Some of the Romanian television stations available on WorldTVRadio Tuner include The Money Channel which brings you up to date financial news; great general stations, such as Mega TV, Szatmar TV and TVRM which offer news, sports and popular Romnian comedies and dramas. You can even stay up to date on the Romanian music scene with Romusic TV. And WorldTVRadio Tuner is streamed absolutely free to your computer so you can enjoy your favorite Romanian programming from any where in the World. Try us today!

:: World TVRT Online TV channels in :: Romanian

Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Alfa Omega Crestin TVRomanianReligious200Romania762
Alfa Omega MoviesRomanianMovies Channel200Romania2471
Alfa Omega TVRomanianGeneral Station352Romania542
Alfa Omega Youth TVRomanianKids300Romania923
Antena 1 TVRomanianGeneral Station363Romania2008
Antena 3 TVRomanianGeneral Station376Romania1645
Arena TVRomanianOther440Romania727
Credo TVRomanianOther300Romania426
DDTV Digital Direct TVRomanianGeneral Station250Romania650
Mega TVRomanianGeneral Station150Romania530
O TV Oglinda TelevisionRomanianGeneral Station250Romania664
Party TVRomanianMusic Television250Romania927
Pratech TVRomanianOther300Romania396
Realitatea TVRomanianGeneral Station262Romania880
Romusic TVRomanianMusic Television200Romania946
Speranta TVRomanianReligious500Romania471
Szatmar TVRomanianGeneral Station500Romania422
The Money ChannelRomanianFinancial News400Romania322
TVR InternationalRomanianGeneral Station150Romania991
TVRMRomanianGeneral Station273Romania540

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