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Drawn from its Latin roots, Portuguese is a Romance language that came from people of the Iberian Peninsula more than 2000 years ago. In 216 BCE the Romans landed on the Iberian Peninsula, bringing Latin with it. Over the centuries, as the Peninsula was conquered by the Germanic people and then the Moors, both German and Arabic influences made their way into the language. The earliest known records containing distinctively Portuguese language are from the 9th century. Between the 15th and 16th centuries the Portuguese language spread and today it is spoken by 200 million native speakers and 240 people worldwide, making it one of the world's major languages. Portuguese is also the official language in nine countries, including Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Macau. The Portuguese language is also widely spoken in Japan, Argentina, Austrailia, Canada and even the United States. WorldTVRadio Tuner knows that with so many people speaking Portuguese throughout the world, there is truly a need for a wide variety of television stations. That is why we offer more than one hundred quality stations from Portugal, Brazil and Belgium. If you are looking for news and talk ERS Europa By Satellite Portuguese and Band News brings you up to the minute Portuguese coverage. WOrldTVRadio Tuner also offers sports on Band Sports and Hi-Life TV, Religious programming on CVC Boas Novas TV and great general programming on DM TV and Minho Actual TV. We even bring you popular music and videos straight from Brazil on MTV Brasil. WorldTVRadui Tuner brings all of this and more streaming free to your home computer so you can watch your favorite Portuguese programming anywhere in the world...absolutely free!

:: World TVRT Online TV channels in :: Portuguese

Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Agro CanalPortugueseOther100Brazil2345
All TVPortugueseFull Service140Brazil2532
Amaury Jr. TVPortugueseCultural70Brazil2142
Amazon SatPortugueseFull Service350Brazil2432
AR TV Canal ParlamentoPortuguesePolitics & Gov.110Portugal425
Band NewsPortugueseNews/Talk150Brazil68
Band SportsPortugueseSports150Brazil131
Bloomberg TV BrazilPortugueseFinancial News56Brazil2612
Boa Vontade TVPortugueseReligious225Brazil955
Canal 21 CascavelPortugueseFull Service150Brazil2429
Canal do BoiPortugueseOther100Brazil1907
Canal TV WebPortugueseFull Service150Brazil1535
Canal UniversitarioPortugueseCultural100Brazil1092
CVC Boas Novas TVPortugueseReligious200Brazil1
D+ TVPortugueseGeneral Station150Brazil1539
DM TVPortugueseGeneral Station160Brazil728
EBS Europa By Satellite PortuguesePortugueseNews/Talk100Belgium1
Fonte da Vida TVPortugueseReligious150Brazil941
Guimaraes TVPortugueseGeneral Station500Portugal646
Hi-Life TVPortugueseSports2200Portugal1484
Interativa TVPortugueseGeneral Station496Brazil1
Just TVPortugueseGeneral Station150Brazil1312
Lusophonie Parisienne Web TVPortugueseGeneral Station330Portugal491
M1 Station TVPortugueseMusic Television180Brazil907
Mana Sat EuropaPortugueseReligious100Portugal532
Mana Sat Europa 2PortugueseReligious100Portugal352
Meio Norte TelevisionPortugueseGeneral Station56Brazil1
Minho Actual TVPortugueseGeneral Station330Portugal424
MTV BrasilPortugueseMusic Television200Brazil5528
Novo CanalPortugueseOther100Brazil1300
On Grace TVPortugueseReligious160Brazil754
RBN TV Canal 21PortugueseGeneral Station185Brazil1210
Rede CBSPortugueseMusic Television131Brazil1
Rede Genesis de TelevisaoPortugueseReligious150Brazil880
Rede Mundial de TelevisaoPortugueseReligious225Brazil1592
Rede Opiniao TVPortugueseGeneral Station50Brazil0
Rede Super GospelPortugueseReligious250Brazil1282
Rede TV 10PortugueseMusic Television200Brazil3194
Rede TV SulPortugueseFull Service170Brazil18
Rede TV VianaPortugueseGeneral Station150Brazil1
Rede TVEPortugueseCultural80Brazil18
Rede TVE RegionalPortugueseCultural66Brazil11
Rede Visao AbortoPortugueseCultural150Brazil0
Rede Visao de TVPortugueseCultural150Brazil0
RIT TV Rede Internacional de TelevisaoPortugueseReligious105Brazil1273
Shop TourPortugueseShopping273Brazil678
Som Luso TVPortugueseMusic Television300Portugal527
TV AparecidaPortugueseReligious102Brazil1111
TV AperipePortugueseGeneral Station100Brazil0
TV AsambleiaPortuguesePolitics & Gov.102Brazil362
TV Assembleia Legislativa / SCPortuguesePolitics & Gov.200Brazil242
TV AtalaiaPortugueseGeneral Station193Brazil844
TV BejaPortugueseGeneral Station315Portugal513
TV Brasil CentralPortugueseGeneral Station310Brazil1554
TV BrasiliaPortugueseFull Service50Brazil1816
TV CamaraPortuguesePolitics & Gov.100Brazil439
TV CamburyPortugueseCultural150Brazil446
TV Canal 1PortugueseOther150Brazil862
TV Cancao NovaPortugueseReligious225Brazil874
TV Capital Canal 73PortugueseCultural72Brazil811
TV CidadePortugueseFull Service120Brazil984
TV CienciaPortugueseCultural800Portugal708
TV Clima TempoPortugueseWeather160Brazil748
TV Cristo VivePortugueseReligious180Brazil637
TV CulturaPortugueseGeneral Station80Brazil11
TV EspiritaPortugueseCultural150Brazil0
TV EspiritualistaPortugueseCultural110Brazil442
TV FAAPPortugueseCultural180Brazil290
TV FortalezaPortugueseGeneral Station330Brazil1257
TV GideoesPortugueseReligious150Brazil647
TV HorizontePortugueseGeneral Station500Brazil0
TV IEQPortugueseReligious150Brazil321
TV JusticaPortugueseOther50Brazil611
TV LitoralPortugueseGeneral Station45Brazil1088
TV Meio NortePortugueseGeneral Station100Brazil586
TV MidiaPortugueseGeneral Station86Brazil674
TV Mundial CBSPortugueseMusic Television150Brazil4
TV NazarePortugueseReligious100Brazil414
TV NetPortugueseNews/Talk152Portugal698
TV Novo TempoPortugueseReligious100Brazil556
TV Parana EducativaPortugueseCultural150Brazil618
TV PocosPortugueseGeneral Station110Brazil502
TV Ponto ComPortugueseGeneral Station220Brazil572
TV PromurPortugueseGeneral Station110Brazil414
TV RockPortugueseMusic Television150Brazil1634
TV Seculo 21PortugueseGeneral Station36Brazil2
TV Senado 1PortuguesePolitics & Gov.150Brazil435
TV Senado 2PortuguesePolitics & Gov.150Brazil272
TV TarobaPortugueseFull Service100Brazil3
TV TerraPortugueseGeneral Station300Brazil1267
TV TransamericaPortugueseGeneral Station150Brazil1239
TV UniversitariaPortugueseCultural40Brazil829
TV World Paz e Vida Canal 58PortugueseReligious500Brazil592
TV You TurboPortugueseGeneral Station150Brazil6
Viseu TVPortugueseGeneral Station102Portugal372
Web TV ARFPortugueseOther32Brazil707
Web TV AtalaiaPortugueseReligious172Brazil604
Web TV BuscakiPortugueseGeneral Station150Brazil556
Web TV Clips Maresia FMPortugueseMusic Television225Brazil1582
Wizard TVPortugueseGeneral Station227Brazil985
WTVC Web TVPortugueseOther120Brazil1
YourVida TVPortugueseMusic Television350Portugal565

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