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The official language in Poland and the European Union, Polish is spoken by more than 40 million people worldwide. Along with the countries in which Polish is the official language, it is also widely spoken in 17 other nations including Russia, Brazil, Romania, Australia and Lithuania. There are even more than 650,000 people in the United States who consider language their primary language and use it as the primary language at home. The history of the Polish language has evolved slowly over the last 5000 years from its Balto-Slavic roots. When the Balto and Slavic languages separated roughly 3000 years ago the Slaviclanguage evolved into Greek, Latin, Celtic and Germanic. It is from the Latin language that Polish draws its most influence and has derived from during the past 1500 years. Today, the Polish language is not only common among its native speakers but also scholars from around the world. If you speak Polish and have a love for the Polish culture WorldVRadio Tuner provides more than 25 television stations streamed right to your computer so you can stay up to date on everything Poland has to offer. For news and talk, TV Toya Wydarzenia and WPTV News keep you up to date on local events and stories from Poland. We also offer cultural stations that bring you information about the Polish people and their history on TVP Kultura. If you are interested in the financial welfare of Poland and its people, visit WPTV Bizines and get a feel for popular entertainment on TV Fly, Poland's Music Television and WPTV Film, which streams popular movies in Polish. No matter what language you speak, WorldYVRadio Tuner streams great television free to your home.

:: World TVRT Online TV channels in :: Polish

Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
I TVPolishGeneral Station273Poland5554
Interia TVPolishGeneral Station392Poland4101
MTK Malopolska Telewizja KablowaPolishGeneral Station180Poland4544
Podroze TVPolishOther190Poland2528
Polsat TVPolishGeneral Station685Poland16810
Promocja TVPolishShopping382Poland1529
RMF Maxxx TVPolishMusic Television400Poland5726
SEJM Sali posiedzen SejmuPolishPolitics & Gov.100Poland1329
Telewizja Dami RadomPolishGeneral Station150Poland1561
TTK StarPolishGeneral Station250Poland1704
TV AstaPolishGeneral Station192Poland2264
TV BiznesPolishFinancial News154Poland1105
TV FlyPolishMusic Television198Poland1853
TV ToyaPolishGeneral Station1400Poland1809
TV Toya PogodaPolishWeather200Poland1320
TV Toya WydarzeniaPolishNews/Talk200Poland1359
TV TRWAMPolishReligious218Poland2058
TV WapSterPolishMusic Television225Poland2059
TVN GraPolishOther492Poland2740
TVP KulturaPolishCultural685Poland2919
WPTV BiznesPolishFinancial News200Poland543
WPTV FilmPolishMovies Channel350Poland6397
WPTV GamesPolishOther400Poland1495
WPTV LifestylePolishOther400Poland1253
WPTV MotoPolishOther400Poland2376
WPTV MuzikaPolishMusic Television400Poland3143
WPTV NewsPolishNews/Talk400Poland1166
WTK TelewizjaPolishGeneral Station150Poland3036

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