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Do you speak Persian? If you do you are definitely not alone! The official language of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, Persian is spoken by nearly 70 million people worldwide. Andalong with the three countries where Persian is the national language, it is also widley used in Iraq, Kazahhastan, Uzbekistan and Bahrain. The Persian language has a rich history that dates back to the 6th century BCE and is part of the Indo-Iranian family of languages. Over the course of the languages history there have been three discernable eras of Persian, known as Old Persian, Middle Persian and New Persian. Today, Persian is known by many names. In Afghanistan, where the language shares official status with Pashto, it is known as Dari. In Cnetral Asia and Tajikistan the Persian language is known as Tajiki and in Iran it is known as Farsi. No matter where you live, however, and by what name you refer to the Persian language WorldTVRadio Tuner offers a wide array of Persian language language television stations broadcast live from Iran, Canada and Afghanistan to keep you up to date on current events and what is popular with Persian speaking people. For the best in Persian news and talk check out IRTV, Khabar TV News Network or Alalam TV. And for great general programming, our Persian television stations include AFN TV, Iran TV 1 and Jam e Jam 2. WorldTVRadio Tuner will also keep you up to the minute on cultural events on Anjoman TV as well as religious programming on Mohabat TV and Quran TV. Try WorldTVRadio Tuner today for free and get the best of Persian television streamed right to your home.

:: World TVRT Online TV channels in :: Persian

Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
AFN RadioPersianGeneral Station21Iran327
AFN TVPersianGeneral Station56Iran389
Al Kawthar TVPersianGeneral Station273Iran192
Alalam TVPersianNews/Talk273Iran298
Alkarbalaeia TVPersianGeneral Station85Iran200
Amouzesh TVPersianCultural273Iran103
Andisheh TVPersianGeneral Station102Iran184
Anjoman TVPersianCultural150Iran1
Didar Global TVPersianGeneral Station100Canada217
E2 ChannelPersianGeneral Station102Iran0
Iran Education TVPersianGeneral Station273Iran137
Iran National TVPersianGeneral Station350Iran287
Iran News Khabar TVPersianNews/Talk100Iran150
Iran TV 1PersianNews/Talk273Iran662
Iran TV 2PersianGeneral Station273Iran281
Iran TV 3PersianGeneral Station273Iran548
Iran TV 4PersianGeneral Station273Iran131
Iran TV 5PersianGeneral Station273Iran13
Irandejban TVPersianGeneral Station100Iran0
IRIB Orumieh TVPersianGeneral Station100Iran1
Jam e Jam 1PersianNews/Talk100Iran382
Jam e Jam 2PersianGeneral Station100Iran220
Jam e Jam 3PersianGeneral Station273Iran172
Khabar TV News NetworkPersianNews/Talk273Iran132
Labbaik TVPersianGeneral Station273Iran75
Markazi TVPersianGeneral Station223Iran122
Mohabat TVPersianReligious100Iran190
Pars TVPersianGeneral Station102Iran378
Payam TVPersianGeneral Station302Iran133
PMI TVPersianGeneral Station102Iran0
Quran TVPersianReligious273Iran125
Salaam TVPersianGeneral Station222Iran117
Tehran TVPersianGeneral Station273Iran289
VOA LivePersianNews/Talk232Afghanistan556
VOA Persian EditionPersianNews/Talk330Iran279
X TVPersianGeneral Station273Iran489

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