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The official language of both Afghanistan and Pakistan, it is estimated that Pashto is spoken by nearly 40 million people worldwide. Mainly spoken in the east, south and southwest regions of Afghanistan as well as some parts of the north and northwest, Pashto is also highly visible in northern Pakistan. While not official, it is estimated that the Pashto language is spoken by 75% of Afghanis and roughly 15% of Pakistanis. Though believed to be much older, the history of Pashto dates back to the sixteenth century because these are the first known written records. By the seventeenth century, however, journalism and other forms of writing became more common. Also known as Afghani, Pashto is derived from the Indo-Iranian language family which includes more than 308 varieties of languages, such as Kurdish, Persian and Hindistani. Pashto is from the South Eastern segment of the Indo-Iranian language family. Today, along with Pakistan and Afghanistan, Pashto is also spoken in some areas of Iran as well as Tajikistan. Currently, Pashto is one of only two languages used in Afghanistan for government administration as well as education, media and literature. If you speak Pashto, WorldTVRadio Tuner offers eight distinct television stations broadcast in the Pashto language from Afghanistan. Along with up to date news and talk on VOA Pashto News, we also offer many general stations, including Afghanistan TV, Ariana TV, Noor TV and Khorasan TV that bring you news, sports, comedy shows and other great programming streaming right to your home computer. So try WorldTVRadio Tuner today and see the difference live, streaming television can make.

:: World TVRT Online TV channels in :: Pashto

Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Afghanistan TVPashtoGeneral Station160Afghanistan2716
Ariana International TVPashtoGeneral Station762Afghanistan1251
Ariana TVPashtoGeneral Station102Afghanistan1046
Ariana TV EUPashtoGeneral Station102Afghanistan677
Khorasan TVPashtoGeneral Station762Afghanistan627
Noor TVPashtoGeneral Station762Afghanistan642
Payame TVPashtoGeneral Station762Afghanistan499
VOA Pashtoo NewsPashtoNews/Talk330Afghanistan481

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