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Maltese, the national language of Malta, is spoken by about 371,900 people. Besides Malta, this language is also spoken by Maltese families who have emigrated to Australia, Canada, Gibraltar, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Today, Maltese and English are the official language of Malta. This change in the official language happened in 1934. Prior to that Italian was the official language, but has since been completely dropped. Maltese is also the official language of the European Union. Maltese is a Semitic language, descended from Siculo-Arabic. Between the 9th and 14th century, Siculo-Arabic was an Arabic dialect originating in Malta, Sicily, and South Italy. Maltese, however, differs greatly from other Semitic languages because it uses Latin alphabet as its standard written form. It is a language that has lexical borrowings from Italian, Sicilian, and English. 50% of the lexicon is borrowed from Italian and Sicilian and 20% from English. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Maltese channels offer seven television stations broadcast directly from Malta. You can hear news and talk shows from Di-Ve Net News TV and One TV, get cultural programs from Education 22 Channel, and get general stations from SmashTV, Super 1 TV, and TVM. WorldTVTuner gives Maltese speakers access to cultural programs, general service and news and talk shows direct from Malta. Whatever your interest, you’re likely to find it on this unique internet streaming service. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for enjoyable Maltese television stations.

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Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Di-Ve Net News TVMalteseNews/Talk300Malta158
Education 22 ChannelMalteseCultural300Malta138
Munxar CamMalteseOther300Malta313
One TVMalteseNews/Talk300Malta270
Smash TVMalteseGeneral Station220Malta143
Super 1 TVMalteseGeneral Station273Malta173
TVMMalteseGeneral Station200Malta170

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