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Malay, the official language of Brunei and Malaysia, is spoken by about 260 million people, making it into one of the most spoken languages in the world. Malay is not considered a language in its own right by linguists but is regarded as a group of closely related languages. Linguists divide the large language group of Malayan into local Malay. Variations of Malay are spoken in Indonesia, Singapore, southern Thailand, Philippines, southern Myanmar, Cocos Island, Christmas Island, and Sri Lanka. Malay originates from the Austronesian language family, part of the Malayo-Polynesian branch. There are many hypothesis about the origins of the Malay language. The most popular one proposed that this language came from the Sumatra islands because of two pieces of evidence. The first piece of evidence was that a 7th century AD Malay documents were found on Bangka Island near Sumatra. The second piece of evidence was that Malayu was the name of an old kingdom in east Sumatra. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Malay channels offer eight television stations broadcast directly from Brunei and Malaysia. You can hear news and talk shows from RTB Channel 1 and RTB News, get full service stations from RTB Video Max and TRB International, and get general stations from Cyberjaya TV, RTM Channel 1, RTM Channel 2, and WTV 8. WorldTVTuner gives Malay speakers around the world access to full service, general service and news and talk shows direct from Brunei and Malaysia. Whatever your interest, you’re likely to find it on this unique internet streaming service. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for enjoyable Malay television stations.

:: World TVRT Online TV channels in :: Malay

Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Cyberjaya TVMalayGeneral Station118Malaysia1
RTB Channel 1MalayNews/Talk300Brunei294
RTB InternationalMalayFull Service128Brunei300
RTB NewsMalayNews/Talk300Brunei120
RTB Video MaxMalayFull Service300Brunei473
RTM Channel 1MalayGeneral Station150Malaysia647
RTM Channel 2MalayGeneral Station150Malaysia398
WTV 8MalayGeneral Station102Malaysia455

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