TV Channel Lineup by Language : Korean

Korean is a language that is spoken by about 78 million people. It is not only the official language spoken in both South and North Korea, but it is also an official language in China in the region known as the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. Until the 15th century, the written language used Chinese characters called Hanja, but under the reign of Seiong the Great, a new written form called Hangul was commissioned. Linguists debate about the root language, some consider Korean to be an isolated language, others consider it to come from the Altaic language, and some even consider it remotely related to Japanese because of the subject-object-verb syntax and the agglutinative morphology. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Korean channels offer numerous stations broadcast directly from Korea. You can hear religious services and programs from C3 TV, CGNTV, and CTS TV. Sports enthusiasts can watch the latest sporting events on YS MBC, YTN TV, and Kfish TV. Those who like to shop will love the shopping channel on Hmall TV. In addition, full services are available on KBS Channel 1, KBS Channel 2, and KCTV Channel 5, while general services are broadcast on stations like Masan MBC TV, Mokpo MBC TV, and GTB TV. WorldTVTuner gives Korean speakers access to many topics covered by many stations broadcast live from Korea. Whatever your interest, you’re likely to find it on stations broadcasting out of Korea. Try it for free today. Simply click a station and press the “launch” button for a wide variety of Korean television stations.

:: World TVRT Online TV channels in :: Korean

Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Andong MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station200Korea391
Arirang TVKoreanGeneral Station150Korea275
C3 TVKoreanReligious273Korea210
CBS TVKoreanGeneral Station143Korea176
CGN TVKoreanReligious141Korea113
Chonju MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station200Korea168
Chuncheon MBC TV Channel 10KoreanGeneral Station100Korea182
Chung-Ju MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station250Korea145
CJB TVKoreanGeneral Station250Korea87
CTS TVKoreanReligious300Korea106
DG MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station200Korea77
EBS SatKoreanGeneral Station300Korea103
EBS TVKoreanGeneral Station300Korea79
ETN TVKoreanGeneral Station273Korea59
FEBC TVKoreanGeneral Station273Korea42
GN MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station250Korea59
GTB TVKoreanGeneral Station300Korea68
Gwangju MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station273Korea76
Hmall TVKoreanShopping500Korea115
Jeju MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station180Korea85
Jeonju MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station200Korea63
K TVKoreanGeneral Station300Korea110
KBS Channel 1KoreanFull Service150Korea284
KBS Channel 2KoreanFull Service150Korea210
KCTV Channel 5KoreanFull Service300Korea188
Kfish TVKoreanSports273Korea237
Masan MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station300Korea94
MBN TVKoreanFinancial News200Korea56
Mokpo MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station200Korea70
PBC TVKoreanReligious250Korea31
RTN TVKoreanOther200Korea112
Samcheok MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station270Korea56
TBC TVKoreanGeneral Station350Korea75
TBS TVKoreanGeneral Station150Korea78
UBC TV Channel 1KoreanGeneral Station300Korea100
UBC TV Channel 1KoreanGeneral Station300Korea3
Ulsan MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station273Korea69
Wonju MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station221Korea81
WOW TVKoreanGeneral Station200Korea173
Yeosu MBC TVKoreanGeneral Station350Korea97
YS MBCKoreanSports350Korea258
YTN TVKoreanNews/Talk200Korea93

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