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French is the language of love, but it’s also the language of politics, sports, and music – well, at least it is on WorldTVRadio Tuner. You see, we have all kinds of French radio and television programming from around the globe. If you speak French, then you’ll have a great time flipping through the many stations that we have to offer.

ART Channel is one channel that is quickly becoming popular the world over. This channel broadcasts all kinds of unique programming ranging from unique cultural programs to programs that will cause your mind to race. ART Channel is broadcast live from France in French.

Bamboch TV is another channel that’s gaining in popularity. This station offers a unique twist on music television from a Haitian perspective. Bamboch TV is broadcast live from Haiti in French regularly.

If you happen to have a penchant for Canadian politics, then you’ll want to tune into Assemblee Legislative Nouveau Brunswick. Broadcasting live from Canada in French, this channel details all the latest Canadian political happenings. As you can see, WorldTVRadio Tuner really does have all the best French programming from around the world. We have more than 50 different French television and radio stations for you to select from. The best part is that you don’t have to pay extra to listen to the radio or watch television in your native language. All you have to do is sign up for a WorldTVRadio Tuner membership – the rest is as easy as tuning in, sitting back, and enjoying every moment of programming offered.

:: World TVRT Online TV channels in :: French

Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Argent TVFrenchFinancial News300Canada1085
ART ChannelFrenchCultural1100France3595
Arte TVFrenchCultural266France40
Assemblee legislative Nouveau BrunswickFrenchPolitics & Gov.160Canada396
Astro Center TVFrenchOther273France1294
Bamboch TVFrenchMusic Television323Haiti1001
BFM TVFrenchNews/Talk450France2859
BFM TV (Alternate Stream)FrenchNews/Talk450France891
Bloomberg TV FranceFrenchFinancial News54France1694
Booster TVFrenchMusic Television280France1068
C9 TelevisionFrenchGeneral Station289France1965
Cablevision Channel 9FrenchGeneral Station220Canada8
Calais TVFrenchGeneral Station273France1110
Canal SavoirFrenchCultural100Canada910
Canal TVFrenchMusic Television273France2155
CanalmozaFrenchMusic Television300France873
Cash TVFrenchOther500France892
Clap TVFrenchGeneral Station350France804
Clubb TVFrenchMusic Television273France2
CPAC FrenchFrenchPolitics & Gov.320Canada514
Cybertica TV - TropicalFrenchMusic Television512France1012
Cybertica TV UrbanFrenchMusic Television512France0
Direct 8 (Alternate Stream)FrenchGeneral Station270France1
Direct 8 TVFrenchGeneral Station212France2294
EBS Europa By Satellite FrenchFrenchNews/Talk100Belgium1
Fashion TVFrenchOther500France62
Fashion TV MenFrenchOther500France9
Fazz TVFrenchMusic Television1000France869
France 24 FrenchFrenchNews/Talk200France2816
Hip-Hop TelevisionFrenchMusic Television512France2003
Ivorian TVFrenchMusic Television300Ivory Coast1036
JET TVFrenchOther382France0
Karibbean TVFrenchMusic Television256France907
La Chaine DemainFrenchCultural100France1079
Labelle TVFrenchMusic Television400France1181
LC2 International TelevisionFrenchGeneral Station200Benin739
LCP - Assembl?e NationaleFrenchPolitics & Gov.150France559
Leman Bleu TVFrenchGeneral Station540Switzerland657
MBC TVFrenchNews/Talk273Mauritius856
MBOA TVFrenchMusic Television350France666
MCM Top TVFrenchMusic Television750France1821
Mizik TVFrenchMusic Television330France1178
Mulivan TVFrenchMusic Television460France653
NG TV Net Gaming TelevisionFrenchOther305France0
NG TV Netgaming Television alternateFrenchOther850France0
Normandie TVFrenchGeneral Station300France730
NT1 TVFrenchGeneral Station280France39
ORTB TVFrenchGeneral Station300Benin594
Paris Cap 24 TVFrenchGeneral Station360France1358
R King TVFrenchGeneral Station260France663
RFO Polynesia TVFrenchNews/Talk150French Polynesia887
RTB JournalFrenchNews/Talk200Burkina Faso0
RTPI TV Radio Tele Providence InternationalFrenchReligious273Haiti554
Saint Malo TVFrenchGeneral Station340France0
Senat de Belgique TVFrenchPolitics & Gov.226Belgium292
Senat de Belgique TV - DutchFrenchPolitics & Gov.226Belgium247
Senat TVFrenchPolitics & Gov.350France488
Soleil TVFrenchMusic Television300France1362
Sunuker TelevisionFrenchGeneral Station100Senegal701
SunVibZ TVFrenchMusic Television256France0
Tele 102FrenchGeneral Station540France851
Tele AlsaceFrenchGeneral Station354France773
Tele GinenFrenchGeneral Station150Haiti612
Tele Pa NouFrenchGeneral Station273Haiti722
Tele Pa Nou Music VideosFrenchMusic Television273Haiti766
TeleblagonFrenchMusic Television354France611
Telediaspora TVFrenchNews/Talk150Ivory Coast493
Teleplaisance TVFrenchGeneral Station333France734
TelifFrenchGeneral Station564France0
The Knot TVFrenchOther100France748
The LOL TVFrenchComedy200France1970
TLM Tele Lyon MetropoleFrenchGeneral Station227France743
TMC TVFrenchGeneral Station400Monaco1392
Toulouse Football Club TFC TVFrenchSports194France19
Tumbuktoo TVFrenchGeneral Station1100France0
TV 2 CinemaFrenchMovies Channel300Ivory Coast3868
TV 5 MondeFrenchGeneral Station1900France6
TV 8 Mont BlancFrenchGeneral Station1100France1394
TV CaraibeFrenchMusic Television760France1341
TV GrenobleFrenchGeneral Station444France0
TV MadaFrenchMusic Television273Madagascar798
TV Rennes 35FrenchGeneral Station350France1040
TVAFrenchGeneral Station378Canada2156
TVSFFrenchGeneral Station440France1188
Xalima TVFrenchGeneral Station100Senegal1501

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