TV Channel Lineup by Language : Dutch

Dutch is one of the most popular languages in the world with more than 22 million native Dutch speakers in existence. When you add this number with the 5 million people who speak Dutch as a second language, you have a large population of people who speak and understand the Dutch language.

So, why is it that regular television and radio stations don’t broadcast more programming in Dutch? Some companies may offer one or two Dutch stations, but these stations don’t offer a lot of variety. Well, this is precisely where WorldTVRadio Tuner comes into play.

Instead of offering one or two Dutch stations, we have many different live streaming television and radio stations for you to select from – all of them in Dutch! What kinds of stations will you find at WorldTVRadio Tuner?

How about KRO Kinder – a children’s television station broadcasting the latest child-friendly Dutch programming. Or, why not tune into Maxx-xs – classic and modern Dutch movies. If you happen to be into shopping, then you’ll love Liberty TV. You’ll also find that Festival TV is great for setting the mood, since this television station plays all the best music videos from around the globe.

No matter what your passion may be, you’ll find that WorldTVRadio Tuner is hard to beat when it comes to Dutch programming. Take your time to look through our extensive list of radio and television broadcasts, choose a few that spark your imagination, and get ready to explore the world of the Dutch language.


:: World TVRT Online TV channels in :: Dutch

Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
101 TVDutchGeneral Station500Netherlands541
3Voor12 TV CentralDutchMusic Television800Netherlands534
3Voor12 TV On StageDutchMusic Television800Netherlands399
538 Beach TVDutchOther540Netherlands901
AT5 TVDutchGeneral Station323Netherlands303
ATVDutchGeneral Station650Suriname332
AVRO Dier en Natuur TVDutchCultural800Netherlands327
AVRO Hilversum BestDutchCultural800Netherlands269
AVRO Museum TVDutchCultural800Netherlands259
AVS DinsdagDutchNews/Talk500Belgium459
AVS DonderdagDutchNews/Talk500Belgium226
AVS MaandagDutchNews/Talk500Belgium164
AVS VirjdagDutchNews/Talk500Belgium147
AVS WoensdagDutchNews/Talk500Belgium112
AVS ZondagDutchNews/Talk500Belgium149
Boschtion TVDutchGeneral Station755Netherlands144
Consumenten TVDutchGeneral Station800Netherlands143
Cultura TVDutchCultural800Netherlands268
DDS Channel 1DutchGeneral Station150Netherlands232
DDS Channel 2DutchGeneral Station150Netherlands147
ETV RotterdamDutchGeneral Station400Netherlands249
Festival TVDutchMusic Television700Netherlands736
Geschiedenis TVDutchCultural800Netherlands185
Graafschap TVDutchGeneral Station500Netherlands131
Holland Doc TVDutchGeneral Station800Netherlands225
KRO KinderDutchKids500Netherlands1120
KRO OpvoedenDutchKids800Netherlands543
Liberty TVDutchShopping400Belgium478
Maxx-xsDutchMovies Channel800Netherlands3930
NCRV Geloven TVDutchReligious800Netherlands133
Nederland-e TVDutchCultural800Netherlands251
NOS Journaal 24DutchNews/Talk800Netherlands174
NOS Politiek 24DutchPolitics & Gov.800Netherlands91
Nostalgie NetDutchMovies Channel540Netherlands923
Ogg TVDutchGeneral Station300Netherlands214
Omroep Gelderland TVDutchGeneral Station300Netherlands151
Omroep Zeeland TVDutchGeneral Station490Netherlands107
On Top TVDutchMusic Television273Netherlands511
Raceworld TVDutchSports300Netherlands572
Regio 22DutchGeneral Station512Netherlands101
RNN7 TVDutchGeneral Station320Netherlands144
RTC Tele-LiegeDutchNews/Talk300Belgium371
RTL Business ClassDutchFinancial News500Netherlands213
RTL Z TVDutchFinancial News230Netherlands379
RTV ChannelDutchMusic Television440Netherlands474
RTV DrentheDutchGeneral Station260Netherlands166
RTV Noord-Holland TVDutchGeneral Station404Netherlands175
RTV Oost TVDutchGeneral Station520Netherlands159
RTV West TVDutchGeneral Station540Netherlands197
Slam TVDutchMusic Television1120Netherlands411
Sports TV Channel 10DutchSports800Netherlands2195
Sports TV Channel 11DutchSports800Netherlands1553
Sports TV Channel 12DutchSports800Netherlands1057
Sports TV Channel 2 BasketballDutchSports800Netherlands1056
Sports TV Channel 3 HandbalDutchSports800Netherlands490
Sports TV Channel 4 JockeyDutchSports800Netherlands372
Sports TV Channel 5 KorfbalDutchSports800Netherlands362
Sports TV Channel 6 VolleyballDutchSports800Netherlands422
Sports TV Channel 7 WaterpoloDutchSports800Netherlands325
Sports TV Channel 8 AtletiekDutchSports800Netherlands391
Sports TV Channel 9 TennisDutchSports800Netherlands710
Talpa TVDutchGeneral Station780Netherlands202
TMF The Music FactoryDutchMusic Television880Netherlands5
Tros Sterren TVDutchMusic Television500Netherlands387
TV GenderlandDutchGeneral Station300Netherlands223
TV LimburgDutchGeneral Station540Netherlands203
TV OranjeDutchGeneral Station550Netherlands386
TV WestDutchGeneral Station550Netherlands167
Vara Humor TVDutchGeneral Station800Netherlands338
Vlok TVDutchGeneral Station300Netherlands167
Zapperz TVDutchGeneral Station1000Netherlands305

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