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Do you speak Chinese or one of the many regional groups of the Chinese language such as Mandarin, Cantonese or Hakka? If you do you are definitely not alone. With more than 1.3 billion speakers worldwide, Chinese is by far the most spoken language on earth. An official language in the People's Republic of China and the United Nations as well as Republic of China and Singapore, the Chinese language is also a recognized language in Mauritius and the United States because of its widespread use. One of the oldest spoken languages in existence, Chinese dates back to 2100 BCE and the country of China's beginnings. And with a history as rich as the country of China and its people, it is no wonder that the speakers of the Chinese and its many dialects are very proud of their language. If you speak Chinese and are a lover of Chinese culture than WorldTVadio Tuner has a solution for your entertainment needs. With more than one hundred available stations broadcast in Chinese from not only China, but also Taiwan and Canada, speakers of Chinese can keep up to date on Chinese news, sports and what's popular in their native countries. Some of the popular streaming Internet television stations offered by WorlTVRadio Tuner include general stations such as Good TV, CTS TV and Huaihai TV Channel 3 which provide sports coverage, dramas, and popular family programming. We also provide great news and talk stations such as CZTV Channel 2 and CTI TV, financial news on Chengdu TV 2 Economy and popular Chinese language movies on Chengdu TV 4 Film. No matter what your interest, you can count on WorldTVRadio Tuner to give you what you want, right to your home computer and best of all it is absolutely free!

:: World TVRT Online TV channels in :: Chinese

Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
3 TV Channel 1 MIXChineseGeneral Station128China1590
3 TV Channel 3 TVBChineseGeneral Station300China1302
3 TV Channel 4 HKChineseGeneral Station300China796
3 TV Channel 5 FIFAChineseSports200China1880
3 TV Channel 6 ATVChineseGeneral Station128China392
3 TV Channel 7 HDChineseGeneral Station800China756
3 TV Channel 7 HD PreviewChineseGeneral Station800China624
3 TV HD Channel 8ChineseGeneral Station200China496
3GTY TV Channel 1ChineseGeneral Station340China379
3GTY TV Channel 2ChineseGeneral Station340China339
A TVChineseGeneral Station272China198
Anhui TV Channel 1ChineseGeneral Station432China526
Anhui TV Channel 2ChineseFinancial News432China311
Anhui TV Channel 3ChineseFinancial News432China266
Anhui TV Channel 4ChineseFinancial News432China255
Anhui TV Channel 5ChineseFinancial News432China221
Anhui TV Channel 6ChineseFinancial News432China185
Anhui TV Channel 7ChineseFinancial News432China176
Anhui TV Channel 8ChineseFinancial News432China230
BJ IPTVChineseMovies Channel400China1
CCQ TVChineseGeneral Station317China0
CCTV 1ChineseNews/Talk220China354
CCTV 2ChineseFinancial News1000China664
CCTV 3ChineseMusic Television900China492
CCTV 4ChineseCultural200China346
CCTV 5ChineseSports300China1449
CCTV 6ChineseMovies Channel900China1326
CCTV 8ChineseGeneral Station900China222
Channel VChineseGeneral Station350China2
Chengdu TV 2 EconomyChineseFinancial News300China159
Chengdu TV 3 LifeChineseGeneral Station300China237
Chengdu TV 4 FilmChineseMovies Channel300China1621
Chengdu TV 5 CommonChineseGeneral Station300China129
Chengdu TV 6 KidsChineseKids330China1233
Chengdu TV NewsChineseGeneral Station370China97
CTI TVChineseNews/Talk200Taiwan324
CTS TVChineseNews/Talk120China99
CTS TVChineseGeneral Station102Taiwan209
CTVChineseGeneral Station200China0
CZTV Channel 1ChineseGeneral Station314China213
CZTV Channel 2ChineseNews/Talk314China88
Da-Ai TVChineseGeneral Station300Taiwan195
Dragon TVChineseSports273China2
ET Mall TV Channel 1ChineseShopping150Taiwan308
ET Mall TV Channel 2ChineseShopping150Taiwan122
ET Mall TV Channel 3ChineseShopping500Taiwan184
GDTV Guandong televisionChinesePublic162China2
Good TVChineseGeneral Station150Taiwan292
HLJ TVChineseGeneral Station200China75
HLJ TVChineseGeneral Station200Taiwan108
Hollywood TVChineseMovies Channel270Taiwan2719
Huaihai TV Channel 1ChineseGeneral Station350China197
Huaihai TV Channel 2 MoviesChineseGeneral Station350China547
Huaihai TV Channel 3ChineseGeneral Station350China146
Huaihai TV Channel 4ChineseGeneral Station350China0
Huaihai TV Channel 4 Signal 2ChineseGeneral Station350China131
Hwazan TVChineseReligious150Taiwan167
J Golf ChannelChineseSports1000China6
Lishui TV Channel 1ChineseGeneral Station300China124
Lishui TV Channel 2ChineseGeneral Station300China116
LSTV 1ChineseGeneral Station300China93
Mac TVChineseGeneral Station300Taiwan153
MAC TVChineseGeneral Station200China97
Metro Finance 104 TVChineseFinancial News56Hong Kong1
MTV ChinaChineseMusic Television300China1237
Nanyang TVChineseGeneral Station310China107
NER National Education Radio VideoChineseCultural378Taiwan247
NJ TV Channel 1ChineseGeneral Station350China123
NJ TV Channel 18ChineseGeneral Station350China95
NJ TV Channel 3ChineseGeneral Station350China170
NJ TV Channel 4ChineseGeneral Station350China59
NJ TV Channel 5ChineseGeneral Station350China81
NJ TV Channel 6ChineseGeneral Station350China53
NJ TV Channel 7ChineseGeneral Station350China76
NJBG TV Channel 1ChineseGeneral Station332China83
NJBG TV Channel 18ChineseGeneral Station332China126
NJBG TV Channel 2ChineseGeneral Station332China76
NJBG TV Channel 3ChineseGeneral Station332China65
NJBG TV Channel 4ChineseGeneral Station332China44
NJBG TV Channel 5ChineseCultural332China131
NTD TVChineseGeneral Station150China111
NYTV Nanyang TV Channel 1ChineseGeneral Station300China109
NYTV Nanyang TV Channel 2ChineseGeneral Station300China88
Panjin TVChineseGeneral Station100China0
Public TVChineseCultural200China0
Q TV Quingdao TelevisionChineseGeneral Station600China141
Quiche TVChineseSports330China0
SCTV 1ChineseGeneral Station300China353
SCTV 2ChineseGeneral Station300China88
SCTV 3ChineseGeneral Station300China61
SCTV 4ChineseGeneral Station300China68
SCTV 5ChineseGeneral Station300China110
SCTV 6ChineseGeneral Station300China79
SCTV 7ChineseGeneral Station300China75
SCTV 9ChineseGeneral Station300China98
SCTV MobileChineseGeneral Station300China113
SDTVChineseGeneral Station141China57
SDTV 1 ZHChineseGeneral Station273China60
SDTV 2 ZHChineseGeneral Station273China42
SDTV Channel 9ChineseGeneral Station150China77
SDTV GGTVChineseGeneral Station141China63
SDTV NK TVChineseNews/Talk141China44
SDTV QL TVChineseGeneral Station141China40
SDTV TY TVChineseSports141China501
Shanxi TV EducationalChineseCultural100China0
Shanxi TV Movie & DramaChineseNews/Talk100China0
Shanxi TV NewsChineseNews/Talk100China0
Shanxi TV PublicChineseGeneral Station100China0
Shanxi TV SatelliteChineseGeneral Station100China0
Star MoviesChineseMovies Channel450Taiwan2587
TCTVChineseGeneral Station300China65
Toronto TV Channel 1ChineseGeneral Station500Canada738
Toronto TV Channel 2ChineseGeneral Station500Canada278
TTVChineseGeneral Station200China2
TVS Channel 1 Economy ChannelChineseGeneral Station348China139
TVS Channel 2 City ChannelChineseGeneral Station348China113
TVS Channel 3 Entertainment ChannelChineseGeneral Station348China276
TVS Channel 4 Movie And DramaChineseOther348China682
TVS Channel 5 Children ChannelChineseOther348China486
USTVChineseGeneral Station200China0
WTV NewsChineseNews/Talk348China0
WZTV 1ChineseGeneral Station500China150
WZTV 2ChineseGeneral Station500China57
WZTV DSSHChineseGeneral Station500China95
WZTV JJKJChineseGeneral Station500China78
WZTV XWZHChineseGeneral Station500China92
WZTV YSWHChineseGeneral Station500China87
XATV Channel 1ChineseNews/Talk330China345
XATV Channel 2ChineseNews/Talk330China199
XATV Channel 3ChineseGeneral Station332China161
XATV Channel 4ChineseGeneral Station332China149
Xin TV Channel 3ChineseSports200China633
XZ TV 1ChineseGeneral Station350China385
XZ TV 2ChineseGeneral Station350China172
XZ TV 3ChineseGeneral Station350China223
ZH TVChineseGeneral Station564China0

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