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During the last decade of the twentieth century, Albania was almost like a country the world forgot. Her iron curtain isolation left her to fend for herself. But now in the first decade of the new century, she is separating from her communist past, and visitors are finding a land of pristine beaches on the Ionian coast and low car pollution in towns like Saranda. Still Albania remains an ancient land in Europe, her culture unique. Much of this ancient history still remains visible in in the mountain citadels and in sites like Berat with its classical buildings. What is modern in Albania is found in Tirana, the urban hub. This is a place of bustling people and congested traffic. Here the Stalinist thumbprint is gradually fading in the bright sun of a new era and soon the gray patina of political and economic oppression will have gone completely. An example of this change is that bars and rock bands were once forbidden but now form part of the new cultural landscape. WorldTVRadio Tuner for Albania channels offers thirteen television stations to get general station programs, music performance, sports news and events, or news and talk shows. An example of a general station is A1 Televizon, of a music station is Rrokum TV, of a sports station is RTK 1 Info 17:00, and of a news and talk show station is Vizion Plus. WorldTVTuner gives Albanian speakers television coverage direct from Albania. Whatever your interests, you’re likely to find shows that you like here. You can find out more about this unique internet streaming service by simply clicking a station and pressing the “launch” button for a wide variety of television programs. Try it for free today.

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Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
Station Name LanguageChannel TypeSpeedCountryVisits
Television Channels currently available through worldtvradio
A1 TelevizionAlbanianGeneral Station100Albania2293
Alsat TVAlbanianGeneral Station100Albania6
Rrokum TVAlbanianMusic Television540Albania3401
RTK 1 Nedelji KolazAlbanianNews/Talk40Albania4
RTK 1 HaberAlbanianNews/Talk40Albania0
RTK 1 Info 17:00AlbanianSports40Albania2
RTK 1 MostoviAlbanianNews/Talk40Albania0
RTK 1 MozaikAlbanianNews/Talk40Albania1
RTK 1 VestiAlbanianNews/Talk40Albania3
RTK 1 VijestiAlbanianNews/Talk40Albania1
RTK 1 YekhpeAlbanianNews/Talk40Albania0
Top ChannelAlbanianNews/Talk96Albania2691
Vizion PlusAlbanianNews/Talk85Albania1689

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