Tuner For Windows

The Windows operating system, comes with a player, which is the Windows Media Player. With this media player you can play radio stations and also create an Internet radio station on your PC. One of the latest version is the Windows Media Player 10, which does not have the usual Radio Tuner button on the Features task-bar, as in the 9 series, but the feature is still available.

The Radio Tuner feature lets you choose between the various stations that are provided by WindowsMedia.com. In the latest Windows Media Player you have to click on the Guide button on the Features task-bar. This will connect you to the Media Guide web page of WindowsMedia.com. The Radio Tuner link is on this web page, which you click. This is the same page which will be displayed if you had clicked on the Radio Tuner button in the Windows Media Player 9 series.

The Radio Tuner in your media player allows you to add new radio stations to your My Stations list. This can be done by locating the radio station that you want to add, in the Radio Tuner. Select the station by clicking on it and then click on the “Add to my Stations” button. You can also add one radio station to a playlist in your media player. When the station is playing in the Radio Tuner, click on the Library button, and then clicking on the Now Playing List, click on the Save Playlist As in the drop-down list box. Type in the radio station call sign in the File name box and click Save and you are done. You can directly go to the playlist in the future, and you can listen to that radio station that you included.

Sometimes you will encounter a problem where your My Stations list in the Radio Tuner is empty. This is because the tuner uses cookies to keep track of your radio stations and you might have deleted them, or your browser is blocking them. To maintain your station entries, you will enable the cookies in your Web browser. If for privacy reasons you do not intend to do so, then you can include one radio station to a playlist in the library instead.

If your media player is unable to play a radio station in the Radio Tuner that there is a possibility that your system may not be meeting the requirements of the media player that you have installed.

There are other Radio Tuners available that are not made by Microsoft, but are compatible with Windows operating system. One such example would be the BestPlay Internet Radio Tuner, which can connect to any internet radio station, which work on Shortcast or Icecast servers from HTTP addresses. This tuner is able to stream MP3 and WAV files and has a faster decoding of MP3. It also has a flexible recording system, and you can easily customize and manage the stations list. The tuner can also give you a live update of new radio stations.