Radio Tuner For Sale

There are many radio stations all over the world, broadcasting different programmes. To receive a radio signal, the apparatus should firstly be able to distinguish and separate the different radio frequencies that are available at a given place. The tuner is a device which does just that.

The radio tuner has an adjustment button, by which you can zero in, on the desired radio frequency or a band of frequencies that you want, and it will exclude all the others that are not required, by using electrical resonance. Although you can select a particular radio signal, the tuner by itself is not built to give an audible output. Usually the tuner will send the signal to another built-in device like the audio amplifier, loudspeaker or a video display, so that you are able to hear the output.

There are different types of radio tuners for sale, with different capacities. It can be either stereo or mono, and its range of radio signals that it can receive will vary. There are tuners available for FM, AM, TV and other types of radio frequencies. The most basic tuner is the one, which has an inductor, capacitor and a demodulator, and is often referred to as a crystal set.

Many people around the world are very particular about the quality of sound that they hear on their radios. They like to listen to music which has a very high quality level. For them the output should be as close as possible to the original performance, and so they are always on the look out for high-fidelity components. The stereo FM radio tuners that were produced in the 1970s and early 1980s are considered the best even today. There are many electronic experts who collect these vintage tuners and restore them, so that they can be sold at a good price. In fact these older tuners which have been effectively restored, sell at a higher price than the new ones.

The capacitors in a radio tuner are the ones that will age over time. The person who restores old tuners, will replace these capacitors and install improved parts that will give a better tolerance and sound output. The ones that are sold at very high prices, are the rare collectible models, that have DX capability, and the original quality factory components. A DX capable radio tuner is the one, which is able to tune into distant radio or TV transmissions. For amateur radio (ham) operators, this capability will give them access to radio transmissions from foreign countries.

As the FM frequency became more famous, by its superior quality of stereo sound, the top tuner models were also designed and made to receive only the FM broadcasts. Even now, there are companies who manufacture dedicated FM or AM/FM tuners, and include it in the low cost chip for A/V systems. An ardent fan of FM will have to look for a classic tuner model, and either rebuild it or upgrade the unit. A few tuners of the 1970s even had the Dolby noise reduction system for FM broadcast which is now not available.