Radio Tuner for PC

A radio tuner for PCs is an asset for listening to radio stations on the Internet. There are online radio tuners as well as other digital tuners. Many different types are there to choose from.

An add-in card will be required to do this as there is no way that only software will do it. A TV tuner card that also has an FM tuner built-in is probably what you will have to get. There are no radio only cards. The other option would be to find just a tuner or a regular stereo tuner and not a receiver. These used to be very popular at one time, and many used models are available. Then all you do is just feed the output from the tuner into your sound cards input. It might also be cheaper to buy a little radio with headphone or RCA output and connect that to a line in on your sound card.

There is the DSB-R100 which is a USB PC Radio. It is a true Plug and Play installation featuring a USB connection. It is compatible with Windows 98 and Windows 2000.
The Griffin RadioShark 2 - Radio tuner - USB - External from Griffin Technology in Input Adapters is another.
The ATI TV Wonder HD 600 is a hybrid PCI tuner that transforms your PC into the ultimate entertainment system.
AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid Volar Max - ATSC HDTV receiver / analog TV / radio tuner / video input adapter - Hi-Speed USB - External from AVerMedia Technologies in Input Adapters

To listen to DAB Digital Radio (Digital Audio Broadcasting) a DAB digital radio tuner for PCs is required. This is a special kind of tuner that is built to receive digital radio signals. It won’t be possible to listen to DAB digital radio on any standard FM radio as it is designed to pick up analogue signals. New technology to receive digital signals is relied on by DAB digital radio signals. There is also a device that receives and decodes the information into sound that you can hear.

They take the form of web pages which can be viewed in Internet Explorer. To convert data into audio you need to have the latest versions of Windows Media and RealPlayer to be heard through the speakers.
The quality will not be the same as a true DAB digital radio and it may decide you to buy a DAB digital radio tuner for PC s. Station availability greatly varies with different local and regional stations available in different areas across the country. Check out national and local station listings and find out what is available in your area and then look out for proper DAB digital radio. You will need to fit a special kind of radio tuner for PCs built to receive digital radio signals. Different technology is used by digital radio to normal FM/AM radio. Digital Radio signals are not possible to be decoded by normal analogue (AM/FM) radio as they are transmitted digitally. Mp2 digital compression is used by DAB digital radio.