Radio Tuner Downloads

A good radio tuner download lets you have the world at your fingertips? There are hundred of television stations and thousands of radio stations that can be listened via the computer by virtue of radio tuner downloads. All this is required is an Internet connection which will allow over 406 television stations and 1,502 radio stations to be heard/viewed. The applications have easy-to-use graphic controls, support and interface in six different languages, including: English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German and Spanish. Radio tuners avoid the use of multiple windows, and improve and performance and lower the time of charge free database updates that are available each month. In addition, the international icons are easily identified and will allow the user to begin using the whole international programming without the necessity of a user manual or complex handling instructions. The radio downloads are absolutely free. If you are going to subscribe to such premium channels such as XM radio or Sirrus, there may be an additional monthly charge, and the cost of the equipment. But the charge is nominal, averaging between $25 and $55 per month. The channel selections can be made through easy to use menus and toolbars which are even easier than using a remote control. The screen/window can be set to a preferable size. There are improved search utilities and real time database updates, station information available on the screen, install and uninstall support and an improved toolbar which includes all tuner functions. These downloads have become possible through months of investigation and development. The single downloads provide music, sports, news, comedy, romance, live shows, cinema, action and series. One such download is RadioTuner version 2.01. It is an application that was developed for tuning in and enjoying the radio stations that broadcast over the Internet. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes downloading possible without any inconveniences. The application will allow you to record the radio station that you are listening to and can watch the album cover if it is available. The RadioTuner website allows has a section where you can search for your favorite radio stations, as well as a live RSS feed.

Some of RadioTuner’s features include:

    * Choose to not show the messages for missing plugins
    * RadioTuner saves color preferences so you don't have to choose it every time you start your Mac.
    * Fixed a problem when upgrading from version 1: streams were set to Windows Media instead of RealPlayer.
    * Smaller in size.
    * Fixed the volume slider problem.
    * URL Wizard that finds a live stream from a web page (beta).
    * RadioTuner lets you know when there is an updated version available.
    * alphabetical sorting of the station list
    * localization (English, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Danish). Please note, these might not be perfect translations
    * does not use any processing resources when not in use
    * 800 stations available that are continuously updated
    * Possibility of showing what you are listening to in MSN Messenger
    * MP3 format recording
    * Support for editing of ID3 labels
    * Programmed recording.