Radio Tuner App

A radio digital app is an application that allows someone to listen to a public radio station through the use of an radio tuner application. By downloading this program onto your iPhone for example, you can listen to many public radio stations via streaming on your iPhone or iPod Touch when the free Public Radio Tuner application from the iTunes App Store.

Streaming is defined as a one-way audio transmission over a data network. It is widely used on the Internet as well as business networks to play audio clips and Internet radio. At-home computers in home stream audio for mostly music to digital media hubs connected to home theaters. Unlike sound files that are played after the entire file has been downloaded and stored, streaming audio begins playing after only a small amount is received, and the audio data are not stored permanently in the destination computer.

If the streaming audio is broadcast live, then it may be called "real-time audio." However, technically, real time means no delays, and there is a built-in delay in streaming audio.

Listening to momentary lapses in music or a conversation can be annoying, and the only way to compensate for that over an erratic network such as the Internet is to get some of the audio data into the computer before you start listening to it. In streaming audio, both the client and the server cooperate for uninterrupted sound. The client side stores a few seconds of sound in a buffer before it starts sending it to the speakers. Throughout the session, it continues to receive audio data ahead of time.

So now that we’ve defined the radio tuner app and streaming, let’s put it to work in a real world application. Everyone knows of someone who has either an iPhone or an iPod Touches. The Radio Tuner application works on all iPhones and iPod Touches. However, some station streams with a high bitrate (128k or higher) will perform best when using a wifi or 3G connection. Streams that are 64k or lower will play with a wifi, 3G, or EDGE network connection.

Here is how you can the radio tuner app loaded unto your iPhone or iPod Touch:

1. From your iPhone or iPod Touch, click the App Store icon.
2. From the App Store, click the Search feature.
3. Type "public radio" and click Search. Public Radio Tuner will appear in the search results.
4. Click Public Radio Tuner. A description of the Public Radio Tuner application displays.
5. Click the Free button. It changes to an Install button.
6. Click the Install button.
7. Wait for the Public Radio Tuner application to be installed.
8. Click the Public Radio Tuner icon from the iPhone or iPod Touch Home screen and listen!

From the iTunes Store:

9. Go to the App Sotre section of the iTunes Store.
10. Search for "public radio" and the Public Radio Tuner will appear in the search results.
11. Click the Get App button on the Public Radio Tuner application page.
12. After the application is finished downloading to your computer, sync your iPhone or iPod touch with your iTunes account to add the Public Radio Tuner application to your iPhone.
13. Click the Public Radio Tuner icon from the iPhone or iPod Touch Home screen and listen!