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Internet TV, Chau box boba

Watching television has become a different experience. Not to mention the traditional box silly, but the computer from which we can now not only tune signal cable (through a device as small as a USB stick), but also access websites that allow us to see different programs and in some cases, participate. is just one of the best examples in the Hispanic television theme Internet. This site has been operating for some months as a directory of links from which we can access some 1,600 television channels and 1,500 radio stations online.

However, in Peru there are entrepreneurs who have opted to encourage the dissemination of video images under a different scheme. These operate as distributors or promoters of local content and, in some cases, topics and events in the fashion blogs. This group is, a rather colloquial way that shows two young animators who daily, and five or six minutes, and discussed some topics that are often curious engage young people. The videos produced by staying at You also allows visitors to register in order to mark and show the videos that they find most curious in You Tube.

Local production is most evident in not suitable for Adults ( This curious name leads to a newscast for children between 12 and 14 years to be disseminated by TV Network (association of 34 TV channels) and Internet. There is also a journalistic version of the National Liaison Group ( Both accept comments from visitors. The videos are usually hosted on You Tube and The latter site allows anyone to create an alternative channel. If you have interesting material to share, visit.

Those who have not repaired in disclosing the practices and activities carried out in his studies of journalism students from the workshop are the language of television news of the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas. In Focus ( / user / NoticieroPrimerPlano) is the name of the news that five months ago is spreading from one of the You Tube channel. Content provided by students are now and have nothing to envy of a newscast from a traditional TV station. is a bet that most of the magazine in its work. What do students in the workshop of multimedia journalism at the University San Martin de Porres. The site is some-sordenada, but also offers an interesting challenge in the dissemination of works on the Internet. is another site that produces a weekly local content. It is also the only one who can upload videos to Peruvians on their servers.

These are by far some of the spaces for a few hours will keep away from the booby box.