Hooked on Music

Lately I am hooked to this unique platform in recent years has revolutionized the concept of online music. With about 20 million users, Last FM has become the preferred radio mus ¡cal of internet and an online revolution.

For those who do not know what we mean, Last FM is, in general, a social network in the form of Internet radio that is defining our tastes as we hear songs. In this way, we can enter the name of one of our favorite groups of artists to find similar styles, come in contact with people who have similar tastes or recommend songs to friends, among other things. It is free, although there is the option of paying three dollars a month for a number of benefits (such as having no advertising), and you can listen without downloading anything, but it is advisable to download a small player that occupies a few megabytes.

The major business conglomerates linked to the business realized that profitable exits allow people to have access to a lot of music. In May 2007, the media giant CBS has disbursed $ 280 million to take over the fledgling platform. Last January, Last FM gave a giant step forward by signing an agreement with four major record labels (EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner) to offer their tracks for free streaming. A few weeks ago, appeared in Portishead Third exclusively his brand on the shelf ... And what is to come.

Musical culture is extended to anyone with an Internet connection and sufficient concern as to discover new things. In fact, initiatives such as Last FM undoubtedly contribute to more people listen to music, and crushing logic, buy more albums and go to more concerts. Martin Stiksel, one of the directors of the platform, recently announced that sales of music related to Amazon's network Last FM have increased by 119% since it joined forces both portals. The data seem to speak for themselves. But beyond the substantial benefits for some, what we care about is having the opportunity to access a vast universe sound almost.