Amazon Kindle THE New Wireless Reading Device

Amazon Kindle: The True What is... If this morning saw some early data from the new wireless reading device, the Amazon Kindle, now that it has made the formal presentation and we can give you all the information on this digital book reader. This device was created with the idea of being able to obtain access to any book you want in minutes. Is not, therefore, to load books from the computer, but to get them directly through their connection to EV-DO high speed. Thus, wherever we can get the book you want, after passage through safe, obviously. But we can not just access to books but also newspapers, magazines and content of some selected blogs. Among the newspapers available are not only the largest in the United States, as the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times, but also others such as Le Monde and the Frankfurter Allgemeine. Among the blogs, some as famous as BoingBoing, Slashdot or TechCrunch. This content can be updated automatically when we signed with what we have in our hands the paper even before it has begun to circulate. It also offers access to some websites, like Wikipedia. But let's see the technical specifications. We are faced with a device with a screen with electronic ink technology, with a size of 6 inches and capable of offering a maximum resolution of 600 x 800 pixels with four levels of grayscale. Not indicate their capacity, which can only store about 200 books and that he can add an SD card to increase it (in a fit 300 MB of 256 titles), so I only need to know to cast accounts. Has a size of 19 x 13 x 1.7 cm and weighing 300 grams. Its autonomy allows it to be running all day with active wireless connection, while if we can be turned off until a week without recharging. Recharge is completed in two hours. It has buttons on both sides to move forward and back pages and your keyboard will allow us to easily buy books, search our library and add notes to books for reference. The Amazon Kindle was a strong example of how the integration between a device and content to consume it can determine your success in the market. At this point reminds me of the iPhone, but not the original, but the version 2.0 with integrated applications for your store. Amazon has managed to be out of stock e-book reader for much of his lifetime, shows that defendant has been (and did not plan to manufacture the amount), so the new model, Amazon Kindle 2 comes with success and almost assured. The official presentation of the first model was just over a year and showed us a device with 6-inch screen, resolution 600 × 800 pixels, and EV-DO connectivity. With this, you could download the books directly, without needing to connect to the computer, wirelessly, at no extra charge well (apart from the price of the book) for the user. Back in October last year came the first pictures of the Kindle 2 and were not misleading. In fact, the model presented today has exactly the same look that we saw back then, has become much thinner than the original model, with a thickness of 0.9 centimeters. But what are the developments that brings Kindle 2? First we have already commented on the new design, with changes in the keyboard and the location of the buttons, plus do a little more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I still believe that the keyboard is more a nuisance than a virtue, and makes the reader is bigger than it should. Clear that they are required to make in order to browse the catalog of titles on sale. The screen has been improved, offering 16 levels of gray and increasing the speed of transition, one of the weaknesses of the electronic ink technology, by 20 percent. Also increases the storage space of the Kindle 2, which is now 2 GB, 1.4 GB offered for use by the user. This is compounded by the increasing autonomy of the reader, a 25 per cent higher than the previous model, which allows its use to two weeks without recharging, or up to 4 days with wireless connectivity running. But it also increases the recharge time, which is now four hours. There are a couple of innovations in terms of functionality. One is fairly inconsequential to most, converting text to speech, but also points to what we mentioned this morning that the Kindle's books are available on the mobile. It Whispersync, which will sync the content on multiple devices. We can be reading a book on the Kindle 2, and then continue reading it on another device, which will be synchronized and the page will show us where we left off in the first. This does not make much sense with a single device, but you will have to expand the ecosystem of the format of the Kindle reader. The bad news is that connectivity is still provided EV-DO, so the Kindle 2 is a device aimed at the North American market, and we will not see at the moment in Europe. Are confirmed, on the other hand, data availability and price already knew. The price of this New Wireless Reading Device is $ 359 and the wireless connection is free.